15 Great Deals on Phones, Tablets, TVs, and Dongles

Tuesday was Apple's unofficial holiday , the one where a parade of executives each take the stage to tell us how many cameras the new iPhone 11 has. (The answer is three—or two if you go for the version that doesn't cost more than your laptop.)

We put out an explainer and preorder guide , but there's another benefit of a new iPhone: It brings price cuts, discounts, and deals on all kinds of semi-related devices as retailers prepare their mobile goods for the holiday season. Here are the best deals of the bunch.

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Phone & Tablet Deals


(For reference, an unlocked phone is one that will work on multiple wireless networks.)

Google Pixel 3 Unlocked Black 64 GB for $488 ($311 off): Even though Tuesday was Apple's day, Google's flagship smartphone event is just around the corner, and you can already catch last year's spectacular Pixel 3 at a serious discount. The Pixel 3 gets updates faster than almost any other phone, and it's still well worth this kind of money. We listed the Pixel 3A as our favorite Android phone , and this device is faster than it.Motorola Moto G7 for 240 ($60 off): The Moto G is not the best phone you can buy, but it is the best cheap phone you can own. It gets the job done, and this year, the G series doesn't really lag when you use your camera, either. It's a solid all-around phone and makes us wonder why we pay so much for phones, anyway.
Huawei P30 Pro 128 GB Unlocked for $535 ($215 off): If you need three cameras on your phone, but you're not quite taken by the iPhone Pro, it's worth mentioning that Huawei's flagship, the P30 Pro, is also on sale. This phone only works on AT&T and T-Mobile.Samsung Galaxy S10 + Free Galaxy Buds + Wireless Charger for $749 ($198 savings): One of our favorite smartphones of the year, the Galaxy S10 , has a good bundle that gives you the Galaxy Buds (our second-favorite pair of wirefree earbuds ) and a wireless charging pad. The S10 is a good alternative if you're in the market for a new high-end phone. Here's a breakdown of the three S10 models .