20 Best Weekend Deals on Laptops, Smart Speakers, and More

It's officially fall! Now's a good time to revamp your living situation for the cooler season. Whether it's snagging a new TV and soundbar to enjoy your time increasingly spent indoors or grabbing a wireless leafblower to clean out the gutters, there's a ton of stuff on sale to help you comfortably hunker down.

Also, you might have started thinking about holiday gifts already, especially in a year when many more people are shipping items around the country (and the USPS isn't running as smoothly ). If so, there's likely something here you might want to snatch up.

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Home Deals

Photograph: Amazon
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  • Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) for $40 ($10 off): Amazon just announced new Echo speakers, which means older models like the third-gen Echo Dot are on sale. It might be worth waiting for the new one, which won't cost much more, but this is a solid speaker, especially for bedrooms and kitchens where they work as timers and alarm clocks. (Read our guide to keeping your smart speaker private if you're worried).
  • Phillips Hue White and Color Ambience LED Starter Kit for $150 ($40 off): Looking to spruce up your home's lighting? Phillips Hue bulbs are some of the best, and this kit is an easy way to get into building a smart home.
  • Greenworks Wireless Leafblower for $135 ($15 off): The leaves are starting to fall. Now's a good time to snag a leaf blower to clear out those gutters and clean off the patio. If socially distanced hangs are going to last all winter, you'll want your yard in tip-top shape.
  • Eufy Security 2K Indoor Cam for $32 ($8 off): We haven't tested this security camera, but it's affordable and doesn't require a base station to work.
  • Kami Home Security Camera for $65 ($34 off): This camera is one of our favorites. It can pan and tilt 360-degrees, scanning the entirety of a room, and it can track motion. The downside? There's no two-factor authentication for your account.

Computing and Gaming Deals

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