21 Best Black Friday Deals on Fitness and Outdoors Gear (2020): Weights, Fitness Trackers, and More

Yeah, the weather is turning sour, and gyms in many places are closing down again, but that doesn't mean you have to hang up your spandex and water bottle till spring. Take up running outdoors ( wear a mask ). Enjoy the solitude of nature when the campsites, trails, and climbing crowds thin out. Or just start burning calories in your living room . We've waded through tons of Black Friday deals for the best fitness and outdoor gear that will help you stay in shape this cold winter.

Note: We strike through items that sell out or are no longer at their deal price as of publishing. Discounts sometimes return, so check for yourself. We'll update this guide throughout the weekend.

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Running Gear Deals

Photograph: Cotopaxi
Even if you do have a treadmill at home, it's good to head outside (with a mask ) and get some sunshine and fresh air. Yes, it's cold. But remember the old adage: There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. Check out our Outdoor Gift Guide and roundup of the Best Outdoor Furniture and Gear for more picks.Cotopaxi Teca Full-Zip Windbreaker for $40 ($40 off)