29 Early Black Friday Deals You’ll Want to Snag Now

It is technically a day, but "Black Friday" is now a marketing catch-all. Retailers use it to hype sales all year long. The actual Black Friday comes but once a year, though. It isn't just a one-day event anymore; it's now the one time to pay attention to all the sales. Be sure to do it online. You shouldn't be making unnecessary trips to any store with the Covid-19 pandemic getting worse. Retailers are offering deals that run longer than ever online to help you stay home and reduce the spread.
The WIRED Gear team shares deals all year long. The discounts listed below appear to be at or below their upcoming, advertised Black Friday prices. You shouldn't buy anything that isn't on your shopping list, but if something catches your eye, we think these picks are worth your time and money.Special offer for Gear readers: Get a 1-year subscription to WIRED for $5 ($25 off) . This includes unlimited access to WIRED.com and our print magazine (if you'd like). Subscriptions help fund the work we do every day.

Updated November 24: We've tweaked prices, added several more deals, and removed one that's no longer available.

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Tech Accessories
Apple Watch Series 6 Photograph: Apple
  • Apple Watch Series 6—Red—for $330 ($69 off): If you want the latest and greatest health-tracking tools baked into your watch, such as blood oxygen monitoring, this is the version you're looking for . It also has an always-on display. You don't need to upgrade if you're currently wearing a Series 4 or 5, though.
  • Apple Watch SE for $259 ($20 off): This is the best basic Apple Watch . It's a good option if you're just entering the Watch ecosystem and you don't need the fanciest features that come with the pricier Series 6. Compare the different models here .
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 for $339 ($60 off): This is the smartwatch to buy if you have an Android phone. It matches the Apple Watch on many facets, like blood oxygen monitoring and an electrocardiogram, but it's round! It looks just like a traditional watch if that's the aesthetic you're going for.
  • Google Pixel 5 for $649 ($50 off): The Pixel 5 is our top-rated Android phone right now for camera quality. Google's Night Sight mode illuminates night shots with computational wizardry, and it even works on Portrait mode photos now too. There's also an ultrawide camera for when you want to change up the shot. It packs in everything you'd want—water resistance, wireless charging, good battery life, and a 90-Hz OLED screen—in a compact aluminum body.
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition for $550 ($150 off): This is the runner-up pick in our Best Android Phones guide. With this deal, you get all the best features of the Galaxy S20 Samsung debuted earlier this year for almost half the price. That includes the flagship and speedy Snapdragon 865 processor, a great triple-camera system, and a 120-Hz OLED screen. It's an excellent value.
  • Amazon Kindle for $60 ($30 off): Have you been reading more as the days get darker? Amazon's standard Kindle is on sale this Black Friday, and it's our favorite ebook reader. Compare the different models here .
  • Amazon Fire HD 10 for $80 ($70 off): The Fire HD 10 is our favorite Amazon tablet. It has a relatively speedy processor and a decent 1080p screen, making it great for movies, books, and games alike. Compare all the different models here .