9 Apps to Boost Your Phone's Security and Privacy

Android and iOS are both constantly evolving to be more secure and protect your privacy, but that doesn't mean they can't use a little help here and there. We've rounded up 9 great security apps for your phone right here, eschewing the standard antivirus and VPN options to bring you some lesser-known utilities that can really make a difference to how well protected your phone and all the data on it is. By the way, we are aware that this list is a little Android-heavy, but that's due to the nature of Android and iOS. Apple takes more control over the security of iOS, whereas Google is more willing to let third-party apps step in—iOS apps simply aren't allowed to scan for viruses, analyze networks in detail, reconfigure user permissions, or access any of the other deep hooks in the software that a serious security app would need.

Access Dots

Make sure your device's camera and mic aren't used without your permission.

Screenshot: David Nield via Access Dots

iOS 14 adds a new feature to iPhones that shows an on-screen alert if an app is trying to use your device's camera or mic—just like the 'active' light that might be next to your laptop's webcam. Access Dots brings the same functionality to Android, quickly and easily.

There's not much to the app, but it's incredibly useful: You'll see an indicator in the status bar if an app has secretly enabled the camera or the mic. Make a donation to support the app's development, and you can change the position and size of the indicator dot too.

Access Dots for Android (Freemium)


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