A Twitter #Fartgate, A Google Dream's Death, and More News From Today

TV people are tooting and Google is diluting, but first, a cartoon about a sticky climate change problem .

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Today’s News

With #Fartgate, Twitter was a gas once again Last night during an interview with US representative Eric Swalwell on Hardball on the ongoing impeachment hearings against President Trump, what can only be described as a fart sound ripped through the airwaves. And with it, an internet tsunami . Within 12 minutes the clip was up on Twitter, and for a little while the internet came together to ignore the terrifying news cycle and gather 'round the great unifier: the objective hilarity of a fart.
Google shakes up its 'TGIF'—and ends its culture of opennness Last week, Google employees received an email from CEO Sundar Pichai outlining his plan to cut back the company’s defining all-hands meeting known as TGIF to once a month, adding that the meetings would stick only to “product and business strategy.” The email was a signal of a shattered dream that a tech company can exude openness and idealism while simultaneously growing and scaling.

Fast Fact: 12 million

That's how many encrypted websites are preloaded into Smarter Encryption, a new tool put out by privacy-forward search engine DuckDuckGo. The tool will automatically push you to the encrypted versions of the websites you search for, increasing your privacy and safety on the internet. While other tools can do this also, most of those have preloaded lists of about 150,000, decreasing your likelihood you'll reach an encrypted site from the start.

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