An Apple iOS 13 Review, Spying Streaming Devices, and More News

Apple's latest iPhone OS is here, you're being watched by your streaming devices, and you could soon get your DNA sequenced anonymously. Here's the news you need to know, in two minutes or less.

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Today's Headlines

A new iOS has arrived , along with a few bugs

Apple's iOS 13 drops today, which means dark mode has finally come to the iPhone. It also means you can start playing with Apple Arcade and find new organizational tools for your photos. Also, apps should open faster. But the new operating system is fairly buggy , so if you can be patient, iOS 13.1 is set to drop September 24 and should be more reliable.
On Roku and Amazon Fire TV, channels are watching you The streaming apps are watching you: New research shows that over 2,000 of them are tracking information about your devices—even when you tell them not to . Researchers found that 89 percent of Amazon Fire TV channels and 69 percent of Roku channels collected information about users' viewing habits and preferences, along with unique identifiers like device serial numbers and IDs, and Wi-Fi network names.

Fast Fact: 26 Million

That's how many people have had part of their genome decoded by companies like 23andMe and Ancestry. But one startup argues that many more would do it if they didn't have to give up their personal data to do it. That's why they're proposing an option to be able to sequence your DNA anonymously .

WIRED Recommends: Veja Condor Shoe

Most shoes are made up mostly of plastic and foam, but Veja—a self-funded company—is out to change that with its new shoe: the Condor . It's made of 53 percent bio-based and recycled materials and is specifically designed for long runs (although not for serious marathon training).

News You Can Use

Here's how to go to the bathroom ... in space .

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