Apple and New York Are Changing the Privacy Game, and More News


Apple (the company) is rolling out a new sign-on feature, the Big Apple (the city) is pushing a groundbreaking privacy law, and Hot Wheels cars are being put to the test. Here's the news you need to know , in two minutes or less.

Today's Headlines

New York is set to pass a landmark privacy law

Just last week, California passed a historic privacy bill that gave people the power to know how their data was being shared, and the ability to request changes or stop sharing it all together. Not to be outdone, New York is set to pass its own privacy bill that takes that one step further: It allows individuals to sue said companies over privacy violations. If passed, it would give residents the most control over their data in the entire country.

'Sign on with Apple' protects you in ways Google and Facebook don't

At yesterday's WWDC conference , Apple unveiled a new "Sign on with Apple" feature that will soon show up next to those single sign-on options you get all the time from Facebook and Google. While it might look pretty similar, once you click, the process is completely different . For one, it will allow the use of FaceID and TouchID to sign in (no more pesky passwords!), but once you're in Apple's version, it will generate a random email address to hide yours, and you will be asked before any personal data is shared with a third party. It continues Apple's effort to remain a leader in privacy, and also nods towards the company's efforts to bury Facebook and Google.

Cocktail Conversation

Hot Wheels cars were, and are, a staple of childhood. But you may not have thought about whose job it is to turn 2,000-pound cars into something that can fit into your hand. The 12 to 18 month process is heavy on custom design, but the cars are also tested mercilessly; from track time, to being shot out of launchers with varying power , to testing their stability and toughness. It turns out grubby kid-hands are pretty darn hard on toys.

WIRED Recommends: Which MacBook Should You Buy?

If you watched Apple's conference yesterday, you witnessed the unveiling of the most powerful Mac ever created . But most of us don't need a behemoth like that in our house, we need something fast and nimble like the MacBook. The problem is there are lots of them to choose from, and it can be hard to figure out which one's right for you. Today's your lucky day, friend. We played with them all and wrote this guide just for you.

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