Apple's Latest iPad Is on Sale for $229—$100 off

Apple's newest iPad isn't radically different over its predecessors, but it's still the best tablet for most people. It's already fairly affordable at its original $329, but thanks to Black Friday, the 2019 model is down to $229 through Cyber Monday (or until it sells out). Usually, the lowest we see an iPad is $249, so this price is particularly good (for an Apple product).The 2019 iPad is perfect for the usual iPad activities, like streaming music, browsing the web on the couch, and watching Netflix in bed. It supports the first-generatino Apple Pencil and works with Apple's Smart Keyboard. There are certainly more powerful iPads in Apple's lineup, but they're much more expensive. Read our recently-updated guide to buying the right iPad for more details on the differences between models, but the short story is this iPad is powerful enough for most people.
Right now, you can buy the 2019 iPad for $229 at Amazon, Target, and Best Buy ($249), a full $100 off the regular $329 price tag.When you buy something using the links in our stories, we may earn a small affiliate commission. Here's how it works . You can also support our reporting and reviewing by purchasing a 1-year print + digital WIRED subscription for $5 (Cyber Week Discount) .

Is the iPad for You?

WIRED: It would have been nice if Apple had bumped the processing power a little for the 2019 release (it still uses the A10 Fusion processor), but we do like the small .5-inch bump in screen size from 9.7 inches to 10.2 (this one is half an inch taller). That increased size makes room for the Smart Connector hookup so you can use an Apple Keyboard.TIRED: The only real downside is that this model has a slightly larger air gap (space between glass and screen) than the iPad Air, Mini, and Pro, so it isn't our top choice for drawing with the Pencil, though it is compatible and works just fine.
It's also worth bearing in mind that this is not a good choice for more processor-intensive tasks like editing photos, making movies, or recording with GarageBand. While you can do all that on this iPad, the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro will offer a much faster, smoother experience. For example, if editing photos in Lightroom is your primary use case you're better off spending the extra money on an iPad Pro.WIRED's Black Friday and Cyber Monday Coverage
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