Apple's New AirPods, Tesla's New Solar Roof, and More News

Apple wants to be in your ear and Tesla wants to be on your house, but first: a cartoon about taking podcasts a little too seriously .

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Today’s Headlines

Apple reveals $250 noise-canceling AirPods Pro Departing from the company's usual product launch fanfare, Apple announced the arrival of new wireless earbuds today: the Airpods Pro . They're shorter, they include swappable silicone tips for added comfort, offer a noise-canceling mode and a transparency mode to let outside sounds in, and are sweat- and water-resistant. Sounds blissful if you're ready to shell out $250—almost $100 more than the already expensive classic AirPods.
Tesla has a new solar roof—and Musk says this one will work Last Friday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed Version 3.0 of the Solar Glass Roof , a house-topper made of solar panels that looks like slate. The Solar Glass Roof was originally introduced in 2016, but the third iteration will be cheaper, easier, and faster to install than its predecessors. And these are no stick-on solar panels, mind you—they are the actual roof itself, one that can withstand 110 mph winds and 2-inch chunks of hail.

Fast Fact: 780 days

That's how long a secret Air Force spacecraft spent in orbit, serving as a platform for classified experiments. The plane, which looks like NASA's space shuttle and isn't much larger than a school bus, landed this weekend, and while we may never know what secret experiments it helped carry out, the Air Force called the mission a big success .

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