CES 2021 Liveblog: Top Highlights From the Show

WELCOME TO OUR CES 2021 liveblog! The WIRED crew isn't in Las Vegas this year; the show was moved online due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. But even a global health emergency can't stop the march of consumer technology. There are still plenty of gadgets, apps, electric vehicles, smart-home appliances, brain-training headsets, and Alexa-powered workout gear to tell you about. This liveblog is the place where we'll report all of our findings. We'll have videos, photos, written dispatches, and, of course, more than a few lulz.Final Update on Wednesday, January 13: We've finished Day 3 of CES, and this will conclude our regularly scheduled liveblogging. We hope you enjoyed it! Below is a long list of highlights from CES. The newest updates are at the top. Don't forget to check out our picks for The Best of CES .
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Lasso Will Actually Recycle Your Recycling

Lasso recycling machine Photograph: Lasso
In early 2018, China decided to stop accepting the world’s recycling , which has led to many municipalities (my own included) dumping diligently sorted bins at the nearest landfill. Your recycling probably isn’t actually recycled.

The Lasso is, according to the company, the first closed-loop domestic recycling appliance. The machine has been public for just over a year, but it’s been in development for more than 10. The idea is, you’ll feed the Lasso your recyclables (plastic, glass, and metal). It will steam clean them, remove labels to prevent contamination, intelligently sort the materials, and then quietly grind up your recycling before depositing it in the internal storage bin. Once the Lasso fills up (three to eight times per year or so), you’ll get a push notification in its companion app to schedule a pickup where the company will come scoop up your recycling—and make sure it actually gets recycled. The closed-loop recycling guarantee means that all of the materials will be repurposed, and they won’t end up in a landfill or the ocean.