CES Liveblog: Smart Home, Workout Tech, and So Many TVs

WELCOME TO OUR CES 2021 liveblog! The WIRED crew isn't in Las Vegas this year; the show was moved online due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. But even a global health emergency can't stop the march of consumer technology. There are still plenty of gadgets, apps, electric vehicles, smart-home appliances, brain-training headsets, and Alexa-powered workout gear to tell you about. This liveblog is the place where we'll report all of our findings. We'll have videos, photos, written dispatches, and, of course, more than a few lulz.

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TCL Continues Its Push into Mobile

TCL rollable phone concept

Video: TCL
You know TCL for its TVs, but it’s also nurturing an up-and-coming platform of mobile devices. It showed two concept devices at CES: a somewhat normal-looking phone with an AMOLED screen that can be rolled out vertically to increase the screen size (up to 6.7 inches), and a cylindrical tube you can open up like a papyrus scroll to view a 17-inch OLED rollable display. It’s unclear whether these will launch this year, but TCL says it will release a foldable or rollable of some type in 2021 .
It also has more traditional line of smartphones. There are five upcoming models, and we know a bit about two of them: TCL 20 SE has a Snapdragon 460 chip inside with a 5,000-mAh battery, ensuring long battery life; the TCL 20 5G’s Snapdragon 690 processor enables 5G connectivity—admirable specs considering the respective 149 and 299 euro price tags (around $181 and $364). TCL hasn’t confirmed if these will launch in the US (hence the euro prices), but at least one from the lineup will at some point.
Among a slew of other products, like wireless earbuds and a pet tracker, are two new tablets. The TCL Tab 10S is the only one announced to come to the US (in March), featuring a model with LTE connectivity (around $300). But the Nxtpaper is more interesting. It has a glare-free IPS full-color display that’s paper-like with no backlight. That means you can’t view the screen without some kind of ambient light nearby. TCL says this is meant to protect eyes by limiting exposure to blue light and flicker.