Climate change content for school kids gets revamp

Young New Zealanders can now access the most up-to-date educational material about the science of climate change and its impacts on Aotearoa thanks to NIWA’s new web section:

Climate change information for climate solvers

The new content is geared at young people interested in understanding more about climate change. Written in plain English, the material is jam-packed with lots of images and videos to help explain things.

The pages include the science of climate change; projections and possible impacts for New Zealand; climate change and the oceans; climate change and agriculture; how we observe and monitor the climate; and adaptation.

The content aims to complement the climate change teaching resources and wellbeing guide released by the Ministry of Education earlier this year. Chief climate scientist Andrew Tait says it's important for NIWA to make information like this as available and accessible as possible.
"We had strong feedback from attendees at our Climate Matters conference last year that there was a gap in information about the science of climate change that Kiwi students and teachers could access and use.

"Online search is the go-to channel for many students nowadays, so revamping the climate content under ‘Stuff for Students’ and aiming the material direct at kids seemed the logical thing for us to do.”