Elon's Brain Computer, Big Tech's Big Day in Congress, and More News

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Today's Headlines

Elon Musk is planning to stitch a computer into your brain

Last night, Elon Musk presented the first product from his company Neurolink: a tiny computer chip attached to ultra-fine, electrode-studded wires, stitched into living brains by a robot. If the technology works, it will pick up signals from across your brain and translate them into code to do things like control a computer, or maybe even to help the blind see . So far the technology has only been used in rats and primates, but Musk hopes to have it tested on a human patient as soon as the end of next year.

This clever new service auto-cancels your free trials

Cocktail Conversation

Yesterday, executives from Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Apple took the stand in front of Congress to claim that they face fierce competition, and denied that they were monopolies. That didn't go over so well. “The notion that they all see themselves in fierce competition I think strains credulity,” said one representative. "We’ve seen the total absence of any ability to regulate themselves, so I think it will absolutely require some action by Congress.” Is Congress finally going to crack down on big tech ?

WIRED Recommends: The Last of Prime Day

Maybe you missed out on the craze of the last couple days, or maybe you were just waiting for the right deal, but you're in luck. Prime Day is officially over, but some outstanding bargains remain. WIRED rounded up the best of the rest .

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