Everything Amazon Announced Today, From Speakers to Glasses

Amazon held a media event in its hometown of Seattle on Wednesday morning. The company unleashed a flood of hardware over 90 minutes, including new Alexa devices, new Echo speakers devices, and some very curious gadgets you can place on your body. We've rounded up the highlights for you below.

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Echo Buds

Photograph: Amazon
Now you can put Alexa directly inside your ears. Amazon’s Echo Buds are the first native hands-free Alexa headphones—an important distinction, because there are already headphones on the market with Alexa inside. These wirefree buds have Bose noise-canceling tech in them, which you can turn on and off by tapping on one of the earpieces. Amazon claims five hours of battery life per charge. The Buds will ship in October for $130. Swishy ponytail not included.

Echo Frames

Photograph: Amazon
If cramming Alexa into your ears isn’t enough, how about putting Alexa directly onto your face? Echo Frames are Amazon’s new Alexa-enabled smart glasses that let you talk to Alexa without having to whip out your phone. This means you can talk to Alexa in all the places you previously could not without being a rude phone person, like at the movies, in the gym locker room, or at your favorite brunch spot. OK, maybe barking at Alexa in those situations would still be rude—which is likely why Amazon is releasing these glasses in limited quantities to start. If they’re a hit, then we’ll see production ramp up. These smart glasses—which have microphones but, critically, no camera—go on sale to beta testers this fall for $180 a pair. You can add a prescription if you want as well.

Echo Loop

Photograph: Amazon