Everything Apple Announced, From New Macs to New Chips

We thought we were done with the virtual visits to Cupertino, California, after a pair of glitzy launch events in September and October , where a new Apple Watch, a new iPad, a new HomePod, and four new iPhones were all unveiled.But Apple had one more stash of shiny baubles to unbox. On Tuesday, the company held its third media event of the fall, this time trotting out a newly designed PC processor, showing off three new Macs with the custom chip, and giving some more details about macOS 11 Big Sur, the next version of Apple’s desktop operating system.

Here are the highlights from Tuesday’s presentation.

Apple Silicon Is Here

Photograph: Apple
Earlier this year, Apple announced that it would be transitioning away from Intel processors in its computers and would instead start putting its own chips into Macs. During Tuesday’s event, the first chip for Macs was unveiled. Apple calls this new chip the M1, and the company’s presentation trumpeted a host of performance and power efficiency gains in the new design.Apple has been designing its own custom chips for about a decade, but their use has been largely limited to the company’s mobile and platform products—iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, headphones, HomePods, and Apple TVs. Today’s release marks the appearance of an Apple chip made specifically for Mac computers.

The company has pledged to eventually transition all of its computers to the new spec, so we should expect the entire Apple desktop and laptop lineup to make the switch over the next year.

New MacBook Air

Photograph: Apple