Here's Everything Apple Announced Today

Today, Apple announced a slew of new hardware products at an event held at its corporate campus in Cupertino, California. The highlight, of course, was the iPhone 11 . Apple detailed three successors to the current lineup of smartphones, focusing heavily on new photo and video capabilities. The company also unveiled a new iPhone trade-in service, announced new models of the Apple Watch and iPad, and gave more details on its upcoming streaming video and game services. If you missed the event, here’s what you need to know.

iPhone 11 Pro

Photograph: Apple
The headliners of the event were the 5.8-inch iPhone 11 Pro and the 6.5-inch 11 Pro Max. These high-end iPhone models have improved OLED displays, which Apple has dubbed Super Retina XDR display. They come in four colors, with a matte finish on the case.Apple execs spent most of the presentation talking about improvements to the phone’s cameras. Each Pro model will feature a triple-lens system: one telephoto (52mm, f/2.0), one wide (26mm, f/1.8), and one superwide (13mm, f/2.4). The multiple lenses fire simultaneously, so when you snap a photo, you’ll be able to switch between the images instantly to get those different shots. This also works in video, as Apple demonstrated onstage. Each camera focuses automatically in the background to enable smooth switching between shots. Other new modes include a low-light Night Mode and the ability to take slow-motion selfie videos with the front-facing camera.
Battery life has been improved as well. Apple claims that users will get four more hours out of the Pro than last year’s iPhone XS. The Max version gets five hours over its older counterpart. The Pro is $1,000, and the Pro Max $1,100.

iPhone 11

Photograph: Apple