Here's Everything Google Announced Today

Google held its annual hardware event on Tuesday morning in New York City, showing off a host of new devices for your home, your ears, and your pockets.The company unveiled the latest Pixel phones—we’ve long known those were coming, thanks to leaks —as well as some new smart speakers, smart earbuds, and a new Chromebook.

Pixel 4

Photograph: Google
The star of today’s show was Google’s flagship handset. This year’s Pixel comes in two sizes: the 5.7-inch Pixel 4 and the 6.3-inch Pixel 4 XL. Gone is the fingerprint sensor, which has been replaced by a face-unlock feature. And like other top phones this year, the Pixel also gains a square camera module on the back. Nestled within that quadrilateral are two lenses—a wide-angle and a telephoto—but, as has always been the case with the Pixel’s camera, the software is more important than the hardware. The Pixel’s camera sees improvements to Night Sight, Super Res Zoom, and Portrait Mode. It also gains dual exposure controls to better capture shots in tricky lighting.
The other big change in the Pixel is the way you control it. Google has added a faster voice assistant and support for gesture controls, so you can now snooze an alarm or skip a song with a wave of the hand. The $799 Pixel 4 and $899 Pixel 4 XL go on sale today, and ship on October 24. Read more about the new phones in Lauren Goode’s report .

Pixel Buds

Photograph: Google