How to Use Smart Lighting to Transform Your Kid’s Bedroom

Both my kids have gone through periods of being scared of the dark. Long ago, I went through it myself. It’s a natural part of growing up. Parents and children around the globe have conducted tense nightly negotiations about precisely how open bedroom doors should be and how long the hall light needs to stay on for decades. But nowadays, we have so many more lighting options.

Whether your kids are afraid of the dark or have trouble getting up in the morning, smart lighting can help. Internet-connected smart lights are more affordable than ever and easy to use via remote controls or smartphone apps. Options range from simple bulbs that slot into regular fixtures to smart light strips that can be installed in unlikely spots.

A child’s bedroom is usually multifunctional, serving as a place to study, entertain (pod) friends, relax, and sleep. Smart lighting makes it easier for them to set the right mood.

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Start With a Color-Changing Bulb

Photograph: Yeelight

There’s no need to spend a lot of money. We bought a color-changing bulb like this one for $10. Simply screw it into your light fixture and use the remote control to choose different colors and effects. My daughter immediately fell in love with this bulb and started holding regular discos in her bedroom.

We also have a variety of recommendations you can choose from in our Best Smart Bulbs guide . Some are on the pricier end, but they tend to offer better quality light with greater adjustability, and typically require smartphone apps, making them harder to use for younger kids (or easier, depending on how tech-savvy your kids are). Some require hubs too.

For our purposes, the simple color-changing bulb with a remote control was the ideal solution before my daughter had a phone.

Try a Smart Lamp

Photograph: Anker