I Found the One Sweatband to Rule Them All

I’m a tall, leaky man.

If it’s more than 65 degrees outside when I test running socks , workout headphones , or electric bikes , I emit what can only be described as a staggering amount of liquid.

Whether its my Nordic heritage or the fact that I was raised in Portland, Oregon—a town with hardly a drop of humidity—I’m essentially a feeble human snow cone. Put me in the sun for more than five minutes, and I’ll melt into a puddle.For years, I’ve taken the Forrest Gump approach to summer workouts: Hats or headbands required. It's not even worth leaving home without one. Without a stretchy cotton halo, I can barely jog a mile from my house before sweat sears my eyes.

And both types of headwear have their issues. Hats are great for the sun, but they don’t absorb much sweat. Workout headbands are much more moisture-wicking, but they stretch the more you use them. A cotton band that feels like it will squeeze your brain out on the first run of the month feels like the neck of an old T-shirt by the time rent comes due. It’s annoying to replace your headwear more often than your running socks.

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Enter the Treadband

Photograph: Treadbands
I recently found out about a sweatband company called Treadbands, a brand that claims to have solved my sweatband frustrations using a thin blend of polyester and spandex that you tie behind your head like a bandana. I've always been intrigued by flatter headbands geared toward longer hair, but the best ones I've found have only been in women's sizes.

Spandex and polyester blended headbands aren't exactly cutting-edge territory, but Treadbands has perfected the craft. The bands are stitched together well, and the stretchy material is super easy to tie. They're also as gender agnostic as I wish all workout companies were.