Moment's Lenses and Gear Are On Sale Right Now

The WIRED Gear Team has lots of positive things to say about Moment's smartphone photography lenses. Usually, our biggest gripes have to do with how pricey the equipment can get. If you've had your eye on Moment's lenses, bags, or other gear, now's a great time to check them out. Moment is holding a Spring Cleaning sale with up to 60 percent off some products.

If you've been eying a photo upgrade for a while, the company doesn't discount its products all that often. This sale ends midday Wednesday, April 1.

Some of the best deals in the sale include:

  • Moment 58 mm Telephoto Lens for $96 ($24 off): We like Moment's telephoto lens so much, we included it in our guide on the Best Compact Cameras . You will need a special phone case in order to use them; those cases are also on sale right now.
  • Moment Fanny Sling fanny pack for $48 ($12 off): Moment also makes bags, and this is one of our favorite fanny packs . It's basically a full-size camera bag in disguise.
  • Peak Design Everyday Sling 10L for $120 ($30 off): Moment sells a bevy of its own bags and some from other companies. Peak Designs makes one of our favorite messenger bags , and it doesn't go on sale frequently. Need more space? The Everyday Backpack is another great discounted choice.
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