Oru's Haven Fold-Up Kayak Is a Work of Oar-igami Art

Oru Kayak HavenRob Williamson
Storing and transporting a watercraft big enough for two can be a ­hassle­. Portable options like inflatable kayaks are typically as maneuverable as couches. Not Oru Kayak’s new Haven. This boat is light and fast, and folds origami-style into a 30-inch square that’s just 15 inches deep—small enough to fit in a car trunk or hall closet. With a few assembly adjustments, it can become a two-seater for tandem trips or a one-­person boat with room to carry food, water, and other gear for longer excursions. To fold it back up, the durable polypropylene shell collapses into layers. Just slide the seats, bulkhead, and other parts inside—the floorboards wrap around the whole package to form the shell of the suitcase. The 40-pound Haven is one of the only tandem kayaks light enough for one person to carry. But what about paddles? Oru makes collapsible versions of those as well ($99).


Styling by Audrey Taylor
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