Poisoned Air in Paris, Intel's New Chips, and More News


Paris is dealing with dangerous lead poisoning, Intel has a new set of chips, and Greenland is in the midst of a dangerous heat wave. Here's the news you need to know, in two minutes or less.

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Today's Headlines

The Notre Dame fire spread toxic lead dust over Paris

Three months after the devastating Notre Dame cathedral fire, reports show that lead-poisoning tests in some locations surrounding the cathedral are registering 500 to 800 times the official safe level . Two months ago, Paris officials apparently told local schools that there was no significant health risk.

Intels new chips have finally arrived

For months, Intel has been hyping the launch of its 10th-generation silicon processor, based on its 10-nanometer process, codenamed Ice Lake. Well, it's finally here . The chip was designed with AI in mind, will double the graphics capability of its predecessors, and will add support for a more speedy Wi-Fi standard. You should see it arrive in laptops this fall.

Fast Fact: 73 Degrees

Seventy-three degrees Fahrenheit may not seem like a heat wave, but it is for Greenland and its plethora of glaciers. The high temperatures are turning much of the frozen surface into slush, but more than that, it's transforming caves into roaring icy waterfalls .

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