The 15 Best Weekend Deals on Phones, Smartwatches, and More

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Computers and Peripheral Deals

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  • Razer Kiyo for $87 ($13 off): This 1080p webcam's stand-out feature is an integrated ring light. You can turn the light on or off by rotating the ring. White balance is good and auto-focusing is fast. WIRED writer Matt Jancer says it's his pick for most people in his Best Webcams guide .
  • Shure Motiv MV5 USB Microphone for $69 ($30 off): For all but the most die-hard audio nerds, a USB microphone is a big upgrade over a laptop's stock microphone. This one comes with USB-A and Lightning cables, so it can plug into a computer or an iOS device.
  • Apple MacBook Pro With M1 for $1,200 ($99 off): Apple's 13-inch MacBook Pro recently got a significant boost in power with the move to Apple's M1 chip. If your laptop regularly sees heavy use and you need to upgrade, snag this one now.
  • Samsung T7 500-GB External Solid State Drive for $80 ($20 off): Several WIRED staffers use external SSDs to back up important files. The T7, Samsung's latest, includes USB-C and USB-C-to-USB-A cables so you can connect them to your laptop or computer. It has more than enough space for most people.
Mobile and Gadget Deals

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