The Best Laptop and Tablet Deals for Cyber Monday

A tablet can't beat a truly excellent laptop, and getting work done on one can be challenging, but we still enjoy tablets for more casual computing tasks. Their stellar battery life makes them great for browsing the web from the couch, or watching TV in bed. Apple's iPads really set the standard here, with excellent battery life and a vast app ecosystem behind them, but the price of Amazon Fire HD devices is so low the software limitations may not bother you.Be sure to read our related guides, including, which iPad you should actually buy , the best Amazon tablets , and our master guide to to the best tablets .
Apple iPad—2019 version—for $249 ($80 off)Amazon, WalmartApple's latest iPad is on sale. It's a little bigger than the last model because of new Smart Connector hookup, which means you can use an Apple Keyboard (Amazon). While there are nicer iPads (read our iPad guide ), you'll pay nearly double this for them.Apple iPad—2018 Version With LTE—for $329 ($120 off)


If you want an iPad on the cheap, this is a good, bare-bones option. It's the previous generation model, and it only has 32 GB of storage, but Apple didn't change much with the 2019 model—it even has the same processor. This one is plenty fast enough to use as a streaming media player, or for web surfing on the couch. The real benefit is LTE, which usually costs more.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 for $550 ($100 off)


The Galaxy Tab S6 is getting tantalizingly close to being a laptop replacement. In some cases you may be able to do it. Suffice to say that if you want an Android tablet that does more than playing games and watching movies, the Tab S6 delivers.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Tablet 64 GB for $449 ($100 off)

Amazon, Samsung, Best BuyThe Galaxy S4 is not as powerful as an iPad Pro, but it's still great for media consumption or browsing the web on the couch. It comes with an S Pen stylus, which the newer, more powerful S5E lacks. It's hovered around $550 for a few months (it was $650 before that), so this is a good price.
Amazon Fire HD 10 for $100 ($50 off)


This is as cheap as the 10-inch Fire HDs ever seem to get. For $100, it's hard to beat it. This is definitely the nicest of the Fire family. I have not had a chance to do a full review yet, but I have played with and enjoyed the new model. It's a bit faster and had longer battery life than the previous model (7/10 WIRED Review ). Just keep in mind that Amazon tablets feature Fire OS, which is, well, not for everyone. It really pushes Amazon services and products.

Amazon Fire HD 8 for $50 ($30 off)


Even at full price, the Fire HD 8 is our favorite value-priced tablet (6/10 WIRED Review ). It's a completely functional 8-inch device that's great for travel and reading. The screen could be better, but that's true of all Amazon Fire tablets, and really, it's not that bad considering the price. The real drawback here is FireOS, Amazon's crippled version of Android, but so long as you know that going in this is a great deal on a nice little tablet. It can still stream Netflix and do basic tasks. It doesn't seem to get cheaper than $50, which is its discount price during deal events like Cyber Monday.
Standard Light-Up Kindle (2019 Model) for $60 ($30 off)


If you want to buy a Kindle for yourself or someone else, this is the smartest choice (read our best Kindles guide ). This year's version has something older Kindles lacked: a light-up screen. It gets a month of battery life on a charge, and looks about as good as the Paperwhite below. Just don't dunk it in your tub—it's not waterproof.