The Hobbies and Products Getting Us Through Quarantine

There's nothing like a global pandemic to make you reckon with the way you spend your time. You can only tolerate so much Netflix streaming and doomscrolling before you're forced to look into other ways to distract yourself.Here at WIRED, our interests are varied, and thanks to the current state of the universe, our hobbies are only getting weirder. Right now, we're very into outdoor gear, new ways to cook old favorites, and a copious amount of musical instruments. Here are some of the things we've fallen for while sheltering in place.
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Roller Skating

Photograph: Suregrip

As far as quarantine hobbies go, I was a little late to the game. I waited too long to find yeast for bread making . I was too intimidated by dalgona coffee. At-home hair dyeing was already a staple in my routine. Then, somehow, I hit a stroke of luck, and after failing to find a pair online, I nabbed some second-hand roller skates from a local rink. I (figuratively) dove head-first into YouTube channels like this one, strapped on wrist guards and a helmet, and teetered my way around my driveway. Come to find out, I didn’t need baking or another way to ingest caffeine to feel good. I needed roller skating.

WIRED has a full skating guide in the works, but for my first pair, I went with $220 Sure-Grip Boardwalks, and they’ve become my clattery pals that I tote from parking lot to parking lot. The skates have supple boots and flexible footplates that allow for artistic movement, so once I can figure out how to stop falling on my butt every few minutes, I’ll be able to strut around like TikTok royalty. This isn’t about one particular brand of skates, though; if you can manage to find a pair, pick them up and take the plunge. Skating’s great for your body, but more importantly, it’ll help clear your head. I liken it to taking a hot shower or a long drive. When I’m zooming around, for those few moments I’m upright, it’s like the rest of the world (and my panic-driven thoughts) can’t catch up with me. It's cheesy, but as long as you’re OK with getting back up again, it doesn’t matter how many times you fall. —Louryn StrampeKindle AppsWhen I was a kid, I read voraciously. My natural habitat was sitting in a corner with my nose buried in a book, a stack of five yet-to-be-read novels at my side. You can probably guess the rest of the story: I grew up, spent more time on Twitter and less time in the library, and “just couldn’t find the time” to pick up a book.