This WIRED-Approved Heated Massage Gun Is on Sale Now

If I could get a massage once a week, I would. Until then, I'll use a massage gun whenever I'm feeling out of sorts, and you should too. Percussive therapy devices, as they're formally called, can help soothe sore muscles and can be a boon after a workout or after sitting at a desk all day.

Theragun , which you have likely heard of, makes some of the more popular devices on the market, but they're often on the pricey end. One of our favorite alternatives, the SKG F5 Massage Gun, is much more affordable, even more so now that it's on sale for almost half the price (with code SKG40SKG, which you can add at checkout). Unlike Theragun devices, it adds heat to the mix.The SKG F5 Massage Gun costs $77 ($52 off) at Amazon with code SKG40SKG

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Is the SKG F5 Right for You?

The F5 has three attachment heads to get the right massage for every need, and its intensity levels should work well for most people. (If you're a serious athlete, you may want something more powerful, like a Theragun .)

It has a perk its competitors lack: heat. The bottom of the handle heats up to three different temperatures maxing out at around 127 degrees Fahrenheit, which can help you relax tight muscles before going in with one of the attachments. It cools down quickly.

Better yet, the whole thing is pretty small, so you can take it anywhere. Whether you're working out, spending eight or more hours a day at a desk, or just fall asleep in an awkward position every once in awhile, you can (gently) beat the tension out of your muscles without spending enough to make you tense up all over again.

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