Voltage Hacking, Big Tech's 'Green' Data Score Card, and More News

Hackers are surging and cloud providers are splurging, but first: a cartoon about eyewear from the future .

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Today’s News

Hackers can mess with voltages to steal Intel chips' secretsA new attack called Plundervolt gives attackers access to the sensitive data stored in a processor's secure enclave, but it's less about hacking and more about electricity. The attack involves breaking the security mechanisms of Intel chips by disrupting their flow of power, forcing the secure enclaves—which are designed to be impregnable—into errors that expose their secrets.
Amazon, Google, Microsoft: Here's who has the greenest cloud Two percent of all US electricity use goes to powering data centers, which means our cloud services are producing a whole lot of carbon. The top three cloud providers—Amazon, Google, and Microsoft—claim to have ways to address that. WIRED took a look into how those claims stack up (Hint: No one got an A grade.)

Fast Fact: 40 Percent

That's how much lower the snow depth is at a resort in the Swiss Alps than the average depth from 1909 to 1988. While resorts used to rely on heavy natural snowfall, these storms are now much less predictable , necessitating the use of expensive, resource-gobbling snow machines to make up the difference.
WIRED Recommends: Kindle RecommendationsIf you try to buy Amazon's Kindle ebook reader this year, you'll find many variations to choose from. Here's a breakdown of the product line, and how to pick the right Kindle for you.

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Here's everything you should know about Apple's new MacBook Pro .

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