Hey everyone! I’m Michael Cook, and I’m here to share some exciting news from OpenAI. OpenAI has been making incredible progress in advancing AI capabilities, and they have some major updates to announce. They have recently made the GPT-3.5 Turbo, DALLĀ·E, and Whisper APIs available to the public. And now, they have opened up access to the GPT-4 API for all paying customers.

According to OpenAI’s official statement, they believe that GPT-4 will take the AI experience to new heights and enable users to achieve even greater things. Earlier this year, OpenAI introduced the ChatGPT API, which was a significant milestone in the world of conversational AI. However, with the introduction of GPT-4 and OpenAI’s continued focus on chat-based models, they have announced a deprecation plan for older models in the Completions API.

Recently, Similarweb, an analytics company, reported a decline in monthly traffic to the ChatGPT website. The number of unique visitors and the average time spent on the site have also decreased. Analysts suggest that this decline could be due to factors such as the novelty effect wearing off and the release of the ChatGPT app for iPhones. Additionally, the decrease in website traffic could be influenced by the school holidays, as students tend to utilize AI for their academic tasks.

Despite these challenges, OpenAI remains a prominent player in the AI industry. They are expected to generate revenue of around $200 million this year. The popularity of ChatGPT has been remarkable, surpassing even established search engines. Notably, OpenAI’s partnership with Microsoft, involving a significant investment, underscores the potential of the platform.

Join me as we explore the details of OpenAI’s GPT-4 API release and analyze the decline in website traffic for ChatGPT. Stay tuned for more updates on AI advancements and OpenAI’s future innovations in this rapidly evolving field.

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