According to economists at Goldman Sachs, the latest wave of artificial intelligence, including platforms like ChatGPT, could lead to the automation of up to 300 million full-time jobs worldwide. In a report published on Sunday, they predicted that 18% of global work could be computerized, with advanced economies being more affected than emerging markets.

White-collar workers, such as administrative staff and lawyers, are expected to be most impacted, while physically demanding or outdoor occupations like construction and repair work may see little effect. The bank estimates that around two-thirds of jobs in the US and Europe are exposed to some degree of AI automation, with up to a quarter of all work potentially being done completely by AI.

The economists warned that if generative artificial intelligence continues to deliver on its promises, it could significantly disrupt the labor market. This technology is what powers ChatGPT, the chatbot sensation that has taken the world by storm.

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