The team at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology just released their latest language model called MiniGPT-4. This model can generate text descriptions based on images, which is pretty cool. The authors curated a high-quality image-text dataset specifically for alignment purposes to make the generated language even more natural and useful. It can be used to generate detailed and precise image descriptions, develop websites using handwritten text instructions, explain unusual visual phenomena, generate detailed recipes by observing delicious food photos, retrieve facts about people, movies, or art directly from images, and come up with rap songs inspired by images. Its ability to identify problems from picture input and provide solutions makes it suitable for use in various industries, including agriculture, healthcare, e-commerce, and entertainment.

But enough words. Get to the point. Yes, you can test it now. …. No… You SHOULD test it right now!. 🙂 Don’t waste any more time, just go and leave your impressions in the comments!

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