is not just a search engine, it’s a platform that redefines how we access information. Imagine having access to a comprehensive knowledge hub that caters to your every query with quick, accurate answers tailored to your ask. That’s what strives to provide – the best possible knowledge discovery experience.

Founded in August 2022, the platform’s journey began with the release of Ask, its answer engine, in December 2022. In just four months, experienced rapid growth, reaching an impressive milestone of 2 million monthly active users. As the user base expands, so does the commitment to innovation. is passionate about providing citations with every answer and proper attribution for sources of information to allow for verification. They envision the platform to be a comprehensive knowledge hub where anyone can explore and learn effortlessly. They are committed to pushing the limits of language models and search to redefine the way people access information.

As part of this mission, has recently launched its iPhone app, which provides an instant answer, cited sources, voice search, follow-up questions, and thread history. The platform has already attracted a significant number of mobile web users, and this app is set to improve their experience even further.

I think you should test it. The URL was in the begin. The link is at the beginning of the article.

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