Stable Diffusion is an advanced AI text-to-image synthesis algorithm that can generate very coherent images based on a text prompt. It’s commonly used for generating artistic images, but can also generate images that look more like photos or sketches. It is a state-of-the-art text-to-image art generation algorithm that uses a process called “diffusion” to generate images. The Stable Diffusion algorithm works by training an artificial neural network to reverse a process of adding “noise” (random pixels) to an image.

Stable Diffusion is open source and can be used for free as long as you have your own computer to run it on. 

Civitai is a website that has lots of Stable Diffusion art models for people to use. People can create an account, upload their own models, and look at other people’s models. Civitai has over 1,700 models from 250+ different creators, as well as reviews and over 12,000 pictures to help people get started. Civitai is a great place for people who want to make cool computer-generated art.

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