Hugging Face has launched an open-sourced AI chatbot called HuggingChat, which competes with OpenAI’s sensational (as for 2023) chatbot ChatGPT. The 30-billion-parameter chatbot aims to be a versatile, customizable, and efficient assistant accessible to all. HuggingChat can be integrated with existing apps and services via Hugging Face’s API and can write code, draft emails, and compose rap.

While the chatbot may be prone to inaccurate responses, the makers have placed guardrails to prevent misuse. HuggingChat joins a growing family of open-source alternatives to ChatGPT, including StableLM, an open-source set of models that can generate code and text given basic instructions, released by Stability AI.

By the way, if you want to read more about evolution of Large Language Models, you can read publication on Harnessing the Power of LLMs in Practice: A Survey on ChatGPT and Beyond

HuggingChat is an AI chatbot developed by the Open Assistant project under the German nonprofit LAION. It is an open-source, 30-billion-parameter model that can perform various tasks such as writing code, drafting emails, and composing rap lyrics. The chatbot is available to test through a web interface and can be integrated with existing apps and services via Hugging Face's API. Although it can compete with OpenAI's ChatGPT, it prioritizes ethical considerations and promoting safety and well-being.

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