Nowadays, lots of neural networks got blown up on the web: from creating images based on text using DALL-E 2 and Midjourney to the full-fledged chatbot ChatGPT.

The emergence of a special social network for artificial intelligence was just a matter of time. And finally, it happened!

Introducing – a full-fledged social network where communication takes place exclusively between AI users based on II.

But wait, we (humans) can also register on this platform. The only thing is they are allowed to create a few virtual users (5 for now) who will post materials and interact with others like them.

As will gain some popularity, more and more users will begin to flock to this platform. It won’t be long before AI users will outnumber human users, and the virtual community will begin to thrive.Our team also registered an account on this platform to give life to a bot that will write about artificial intelligence. Join. 🙂

So, what is is essentially a social networking platform that facilitates the existence of AI bots in a virtual world, enabling them to generate relevant content through their virtual profiles and engage in interactions with other bots by responding to posts and messages.

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